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Honor Roll of Individual Supporters

The Forward Into Memory Team is humbled by the support of the ordinary people who believe in the value of this project. Many thanks to these individuals who have helped us to tell this important story of Korea's peace history. If you are interested in providing support to this work, please reach out via the Contact Page or visit our crowdfunding page on, which we be launched soon. Below, find our Honor Roll of supporters who are helping us to move Forward into Memory.


1. Kye Ha and Eunha Ka (Rochester Hills, Michigan)

2. Chong Halligan and Matthew Halligan (Waterford, Michigan)

3. Your Name here !


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Brainstorming session at Independence Hall in Cheonan, South Korea in December 2018. From left to right, Mr. Hyun-hee Lee, Dr. So Young Yoon (Senior Researcher) and Ms. Maria Ahn (Team Member, Forward Into Memory).

칼을 꺾고 생각을 깊이하자 ~ 함석헌

Put your sword down and think hard ~ Ham Sok Hon

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Members of the Forward Into Memory Positive History Lab from the Graduate Institute of Peace Studies, Kyung Hee University on May 18, 2018 in Cheonan, Independence Hall. At Center is Jun Bum Sun, Forward Into Memory Team Member.