The Forward Into Memory "Treasure Box"

The Forward Into Memory Team believes strongly that tangible educational resources are essential to the transmission and retention of the powerful story of March 1st. While we love the internet as a means of education (and hence have created this website), we also believe in the power of objects that tell stories. To that end, we have created a limited edition "Treasure Box" that contains a wealth of custom made educational materials to help bring these stories to life. Please look at the video to get an idea of what is inside the Treasure Box. Every item has been carefully made to deliver maximal educational value.

The special box is available with a $250 dollar or more donation which helps us to continue with Research, Translation and Development that is essential to this work. Please send email to if you are interested in purchasing. Quantities are very limited and a discount is available if you purchase multiple boxes.

Our crowdfunding page on is now live! A few boxes are available there as well.

칼을 꺾고 생각을 깊이하자 ~ 함석헌

Put your sword down and think hard ~ Ham Sok Hon